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Review – Servocity Pan and Tilt Systems

PT785-S1I am a guerilla film maker. I make short films using DIY gear, that would cost thousands, for next to nothing. The bane of my life has been creating a pan and tilt system for my DIY built jib crane. I am technical but when it comes to electronics and electrical I tend to fail at the finsih line. So I have been on a quest to find a pan a tilt system that will work smoothly and cost as little as possible. But most of all something that will take as little electronic brain power as possible.

The budget Bescor and Hague pan and tilts have looked good but their limitations have just held me back from click the buy now button. 15 degrees is just a little too little tilt and the price of their next up system is a little too much.

So what did I do? Nothing, except continued my search from eBay to Amazon to Cheesycam. It was like searching for the Holy Grail with the maximum budget I had.

PT785-S5This past week was my ‘eureka” moment when I discovered Up to this point I had no idea what a servo was or that a business could survive wth servos at the core. So needless to say I would never have naturally searched for servos. I think it was an article on that actually pointed me there. Thanks Chessycam, my heros.

To my delight I found a link to a pan and tilt and started drooling. Drooling because I am not from the USA and the dollar is very expensive here in South Africa. Those PT 1100 and 2100 systems are amazing but expensive when converting currencies outside of the USA. But then I discovered the PT785-S pan and tilt. Within the range of my pocket and something I could afford with a little push. Let me state that these prices are probably great in the USA and in my comparing with other products from around the world, are far more reasonable.

So how did I make the decision to purchase this unit. Well, all the information is on the website. What you need for the kit to work, what comes with the kit and what extras you need to buy. What more do you need. Well, there is the issue of video. I am a video creator and know the time it takes to put one together. The guys at Servocity have outdone themselves in that area and there are a host of videos that will help with a purchase decision. How it works or how to put it together are all there to assist in buying the right unit and accessories. Their images are all very clear and you can see exactly what is where. To the average person this might not be a deciding factor but when you live on the other side of the globe and the courier costs can equal the purchase price, you want to make sure that what you order is right first time. No returns without a second mortgage for us non-Americans. We live in a parallel universe where we dream of the ease of purchase, return or refund.

Wireless_PT785-SThanks to Skype Out I was able to chat to a tech person at Servocity about the PT785-S pan and tilt. My query was about the extras I needed to purchase i.e. controller, extension, battery charger, cable and battery. His response was amazing. He said why not make it wireless and buy a Tactic. Everything comes with it. I had no idea that wireless was actually cheaper because it came with what I needed. And of course not needing a cable to go to the top of a jib crane is really cool. Far more practical as well. And who knows, maybe other guerilla film makers could hire it and subsidise the cost. Do I see the possibility of a PT 21100 on the horizon?

So what do I think of the product? Heh, I still need to get it. From what I have experienced their is no need for a review after purchase. I am sure that everything I need based on all my interactions will come from Servocity. Although what I would like to emphasise for those outside the USA is that there is plenty of information on the site that will assist in making the correct purchase decision.

Overall guys a 10 for a great site.





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