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Learn Digital Photography – Time to Shoot as the Seasons Change

As the seasons change it’s the perfect opportunity to change your mind about your photography hobby and get into action. There are just so many photo opportunities. In the southern hemisphere it’s the starkness of winter while in the northern hemisphere it’s the end of spring and beginning of summer.

So what is there to shoot?

Focus on what is unique about the season. Is it the dry branches of the trees or the buds and flowers of spring and summer. Maybe it’s the leaves as autumn ends and winter begins. There is just so much to photograph as the seasons change. Here are a few tips to help you shoot the seasons.

1. Summer

Focus on the vibrant colours and luscious greens. Get in close to the flowers and look for detail. Or, get back and shoot the rolling fields of colourful flowers and trees. Shoot landscapes of green with skies of azure blue. The world is at your mercy so shoot till you cannot any more.

2. Autumn

Autumn is a favourite season for many with the colourful leaves of  trees and vines. There are so many shades of brown and red in the carpets of leaves strewn across woods and forest. Look closely for pine cones and acorns and their patterns across woodland floor.

3. Winter

Winter is a time of texture and patterns as trees stand starkly contrasted against pale grey skies. If you’re fortunate to have snow there is opportunity to shoot beautiful snow clothed subjects. The colours are cool and neutral across landscapes of crisp whites.

4. Spring

Spring is the time time to go wild. There is just so much to shoot as the world rises from the dead of winter and new life blossoms across the countryside. Colours are vibrant and the wildlife is active and ready to face the abundance that creation provides. So get in close and see what new life offers your creative genius.

Now is the time to learn photography and develop the photo techniques that will help you create those magnificent images.


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