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Choosing a Digital Camera

The fundamental question asked of me as a photography teacher is which digital camera should I buy when starting out with photography. This used to be a simple question but as digital photography has become the norm more and more camera manufacturers have entered the market with more and more camera models. This causes confusion, particularly with the variety and quality that is available. So what does the new entrant to the market do? Follow these steps and I hope that I will make it simple for you.

1. Decide whether you want to make this a hobby or profession.

If this is something that you want to do as a hobby then your quest to learn digital photography will take on a different path to a profession. Your entry level camera will be different if you are pursuing a career or profession. And, of course, the investment you make will also be different. So carefully consider the direction you will ultimately take.

2. Decide on a budget

The investment you’ll be making will depend on your decision made based on point 1. Once you have decided on a budget for either hobby or profession, stick to it. Once you visit camera shops you will be enticed by sales people and advertising to spend more on your purchase. If you can get more bang for your buck, great, but don’t spend more bucks for more bang.

3. Do your research

Find out what is available in the price range of your budget. Research those makes and models of cameras that fall within your price bracket. Then narrow down the models that interest you and check out their features. Take your time, read reviews and visit manufacturers sites.

4. Decide on the features you need

Notice I said the features you need and not want. We all want more than what our budgets can afford. Based on what you decided in point 1 will help you narrow down the necessary features. Again be wary of sales persons that will tell you what you need. This is why research is important. Knowing what you need puts you at an advantage when you are ready to purchase.

5. Make your purchase wisely

Whether you buy online or at a store, make sure that you are the one making the decision and not sales person or website store. Often you will be shown a more expensive deal with extras thrown in for free. Don’t be fooled, someone has to pay for those items and it’s you.

So, purchasing you digital camera can be a simple process if put into practise just a few points as mentioned above. Don’t be afraid to challenge people giving advice and do the right research in order to make informed choices. In order to learn digital photography you need to choose the right equipment for the task. Happy shooting!




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