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Photo Walk Your Way to More Creative Images

Take A Photo Walk

If you haven’t yet heard of a photo walk then it’s time you learnt about this wonderful way to learn digital photography. When I first tried it out, it immediately gave inspiration to my creativity. Creativity needs inspiration and ideas. Our brains need hooks to hang the ideas on. Photo walks focus our minds on ideas and force us to explore our creativity.

So how do photo walks work. If you’re a loner then take your camera and take a walk or if you like to do things together with friends then go out in a group. If you like you can do it with a partner or friend. There are no boundaries or rules. Key here is to just do it. So how is it done? The idea is to agree upon an idea and then go out and shoot it. Here’s how I do it.

1. Choose a theme

This is probably one of the most interesting forms of a photo walk. Before you go out, come up with a theme that is simple and interesting. You can choose a colour or an idea. The important thing is that you agree on something and then do it. You can be as strict or as free as you want. The fun is yours and as long as it gets you creative anything goes, you set the rules. I like colour and for the duration of the walk I choose a single colour and then shoot only that.

2. Select a concept

This is a little more difficult than using a theme. You need to think a little more and those creative juices need to be a little bit more stimulated. So this is how it works. Come up with a concept. For example, love, strength, loneliness, passion, direction or peace. It’s up to you. A good idea is to write a bunch of them on slips of paper and then choose one at random. The reason I say this is that when choosing one you like you tend towards ideas that you find easier. It’s the more difficult ones that challenge and stretch your creativity.

3. Alphabet soup

This is a fun one. Similar to concepts it really challenges creativity yet in a slightly different way. All it requires is that you choose a letter of the alphabet and shoot anything beginning with that letter. Before you go out choose which letter or letters you are going to shoot. You can take one letter and shoot only that one on the walk or you can take the whole alphabet and attempt to get 26 unique images. A variation on this is actually photographing the characters from signs, or, you can look for shapes that resemble a particular letter in the alphabet. There are no limits to the fun you can have doing this.

These three ideas will go a long way in helping you learn digital photography. Remember that if it helps stretch your photographic muscles then, as with physical exercise, it’s good for you. Any form of practise is going to strengthen your creative process and generate new ideas resulting in better images. If the whole process can be fun then it’s a win/win situation. You get to hang out with friends who are like minded and learn digital photography while becoming more creative and a better photographer. Happy shooting!

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