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Essential Lessons for Teaching Kids to Take Photos

Learn Digital Photography – Essential Lessons for Teaching Kids to Take Photos

child photographerThis festive season more digital cameras and camera phones will find their way into children’s Christmas stockings than ever before and you will probably find more children than adults taking photos. So more than ever before these children will need some form of training to take better images. It is never too soon to learn photography. Here are some lessons that will help you teach your child to take better photos.

1. Motivation

Children don’t really need motivation to take photos but there will be times when their ability is exceeded by their lack of experience which can result in frustration. So find ways to motivate your kids to shoot more and encourage them as they improve, even if it’s a little. Nothing breeds success like success so make sure they feel successful because children who feel good about themselves are ready to receive instruction.

2. Try new things

You will never need to tell a child to try something different. They are always willing to experiment with a new idea and try to see if it works. So give them plenty of ideas and tips like changing their viewpoint or trying a different angle. You don’t need to give much direction before they are taking great shots.

3. Get in closer

One of the biggest problems most photographers have is getting in closer. So if you can get your children learning this basic principle sooner in life rather than later, then they are on the path to great shots. By this simple step they will get better images and at the same time exclude unnecessary clutter.

4. Learn the rule of thirds

If you can teach them this fundamental rule at an early age then half the battle is won. Picture the image overlayed with a noughts and crosses or tic-tac-toe grid. Where these lines intersect is where you place the subject. Use this rule and an immediate improvement will be noticed. When shooting horizons they should lie along one of these horizontal lines. The great thing about most new cameras is that there is a setting that allows you to place a grid on your screen to guide you.

5. Practise, practise, practise

Gary Player, one of the most successful international golfers always says, “the harder I practise, the luckier I get.” If your kids aren’t shooting lots of photos on a daily basis, then encourage them to shoot more. By doing it and getting a feel for the camera and composition, photography will become second nature to a child.

There are many, many tips, techniques and tricks that a child can learn to become a better photographer early on in life. These are just some of them that I feel will help make them better photographers in a shorter space of time. As I said earlier, nothing breeds success like success and this is what you want to encourage in your children. By encouraging and complimenting you will find that it will create enthusiasm and excitement in their photography. Happy shooting!


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