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10 Easy Ways to Make Money From Your Photos

There is no easy way to make money from your photos! Then how, you might ask, can you make a statement like ten easy ways to make cash from your camera? What I am offering is ideas. The ideas and the concept are easy but the effort you need to put into it is not. If ever you are offered an easy way to make money, think twice about it. If it was so easy then everyone would be doing it or it is a criminal activity.

Here are some tried and tested ways that will guarantee you an income if you are committed, work hard at it and persevere even when things get tough.

1. Sell your framed images

If you are able to shoot really great photos then think about getting a few framed and offering them to local stores. If they are good enough and framed appropriately they will sell. Go have a look at what other images are on sale. Check out the quality of the frame and the composition and see if you can match them. Match them I said, not copy.

2. Cafe art

Ask the owners of local cafe’s to decorate their walls with your images. They get free art to cover empty walls and you get to showcase your images and make a name for yourself locally. It’s a win/win situation and you have nothing to lose. If they don’t sell take them down and replace them with others until you find some that do.

3. Sell your photos on

In the same way you sell them on the walls of cafes, sell them on eBay. Set up an eBay store, choose you best images and advertise them at reasonable prices. You can do this framed or unframed. It’s up to you how.

4. Submit to microstock sites

This is a relatively easy way to sell your images electronically if they are of a high quality. Don’t try to sell just anything. There is strong competition and you have to have a quality portfolio. This is a great passive income if you consistently shoot and submit on a regular basis.

5. Enter competitions

In our digital age there are just so many online competitions that are not geographically specific so you can enter from anywhere in the world. Don’t forget about your local competitions. Many offer cash prizes and if they don’t and you win there is always the boost it gives to your reputation.

6. Turn them into wallpaper

All of us at some stage have put quality images on PC desktops. Some of us have even bought images. There is quite a market on the internet for good quality desktop images so test the market and sell on eBay, Craigslist and Gumtree.

7. Open a Flickr account

There is just so much business being done on Flickr. Many photo buyers are leaving the microstock sites and approaching buyers directly on Flickr and paying really good prices for exclusive rights to specific images. So create a Flickr account and start a portfolio.

8. Social photography

Weddings, events, portrait and children’s photography make up social photography. It’s basically people photography and a bit of pets. Start shooting for friends and family and gradually you’ll start getting offered commissions to do specific events.

9. Create a photography book

There are just so many companies offering to publish your images in a great coffee table book. So when you shoot an event like a golden wedding anniversary or a child’s birthday, think about offering the final photos in the form of a professionally printed photo book. They are reasonably priced and a great final product.

10. Product photography

Approach local businesses and offer to shoot for their product catalogues, menus and real estate brochures. Some companies with limited budgets are looking for well priced alternatives to the commercial photographers so there is always a possibility if you can create great product images.

These are just some of the ideas that if you are prepared to spend some time and take some effort you will be able to make cash from your camera. Try one or few together and you might find that you are on your way to making a livelihood from your photos. Happy shooting!


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